Make Up Lessons

All you ever wanted to know about make-up but were too afraid to ask! Perhaps you have no products at all and want to start with an easy-to-achieve modern look? Maybe you own masses of make-up but now just don’t know how to make it come together? Or do you go shopping for products and feel pressurised to buy and then come home wondering what to do with it all? If this sounds like you then here’s a refreshing change. No sales patter, no confusion, no dazzling shop lighting, just expert advice from someone who listens to what you want, and how much time you realistically have to do it in. There is a difference and you will notice this on your skin, the envious comments from your friends and a healthier bank balance for having bought the right products. As an Independent Make-up Artist using the latest and best from a wide range of brand name products, we can ensure that if you only need five must-have products to update you then that is all we’ll use with you and then suggest you buy. Not being on commission means we’re not going to use twenty products on you hoping that you will then buy them. Let’s take the selling element out of what’s best for you. Find out about the latest skincare and make-up products for an easy-to-achieve look of your choice, using the minimum of products by:
  • Dividing your existing products into winners and binners, the winners being incorporated into the lesson wherever appropriate.
  • A make-up masterclass for a make-up of your choice (eg special occasion, day, evening, combination of) using the minimum of products.
  • Professional tricks-of-the-trade made easy.
  • A detailed list of make-up products to easily buy and enjoy.
Prices £50 for a one hour lesson concentrating on day looks for eyes and perfecting skin or £90 for a two hour lesson covering more day and evening variations. We meet at our Make-up Studio, above Madeline House, High Street, Bishops Waltham, SO32 1AA, where the space and lighting is perfect for teaching.